Design does more than look good. In the right hands, it can tell the story of the brand like no linear narrative can.

Image showing movable type from a printing case.

“Storytelling” is one of those words. In marketing circles, it gets hauled out whenever someone wants to make what they’re doing sound more like art than business.

“She’s not a copywriter, she’s a brand storyteller.”

“What this ad really needs is some good storytelling.”

Or, in the worst case: “Hi…

Bad design happens, but rarely intentionally. So what drives well-intentioned designers to put bad UX into the world?

We’ve all done it. We start a design with great intentions. We research. We listen to users. We identify insights, and we research some more. We talk to the other disciplines. We talk to the clients. And we design. …

Putting users first means prioritizing user goals over short-term, sales-driven goals. Even in these three common scenarios.

User focus is more important than ever. The integrity of content, including its truthfulness and motives, has never been under more scrutiny. How and why sites collect, protect and use data is finally being considered with the gravity it deserves, by regulators and individuals.

It seems, though, that instead of…

I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined Rebellion Design Co. as Managing Partner. Here’s what’s got me so excited.

Those who know me well know I don’t suffer the status quo easily. It’s perhaps a bit of stubbornness, and perhaps a bit of benign naïveté. …

Let’s face it: the user journey associated with digital ads sucks. It’s time to call in User Experience Designers to help where data and programmatic are failing marketers.

Remember the original banner ads? They were blinky, quirky, scrawny, made up of “web safe” colors, and had huge click-through rates of the magnitude that would make today’s marketers drool.

Well, digital advertising has changed a lot since then, including that click-through rate. From display to video, from social to…

Competitive pitches are the go-to for assigning agency responsibilities. As those responsibilities change, these reviews could be hurting clients and agencies as much as they help. What can be done?

We all know that feeling. The email arrives. You open the PDF. You take it all in. And you rejoice. Like the intrepid assistant Janine Melnitz, who answers the Ghostbusters’ very first call, you feel like jumping up and yelling, “we got one!

Getting an RFP feels like this. Inspiring…

The “Creative Agency” has a venerated heritage of using big ideas to persuade. It takes a lot more than that now, and the very nature of marketing strategy may need an overhaul.

“But will it work?”

That’s the question you never want to hear at the end of a creative presentation. It used to signal that perhaps not enough heartstrings were pulled in the creative, the jokes weren’t funny or, somehow, the creative just didn’t land with the client. …

Snapchat is partnering with Amazon to bring visual search based commerce, or AR-Commerce, to the intrepid messaging platform. Can it work? I tested it out.

Snapchat recently announced the pilot of an innovative visual shopping feature, in partnership with the uncontested leader in shopping experience innovation in the west, Amazon. …

Creativity is taking a back seat to media and the video that gets put in it. It’s time to get back to real ideas.

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Contrary to what most people who know me think, I’m happy to be proven wrong. …

Brands already have a reputation.
Now their behavior can help improve it.

Increased velocity of communications — driven largely by technology, networked communications like social media and, of course, mobile devices — has created countless new trends, habits and, indeed, marketing opportunities.

However, one such marketing opportunity could actually be an evolution in marketing. And…

Ken Kraemer

Managing Partner at Rebellion Design Co. In New York. Marketing leader, husband, dad, and person.

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